Harassment and Cyber Bullying on Youtube

by Mark Allen ~ September 25, 2016

Harassment and bullying sadly survives and thrives today in social media outlets such as Youtube, the world's favorite video website.

Although set policies against harassment and bullying are in place, many promoters of harassment and bullying continue to find loopholes to evade being shut down.

Inspiring Harassment

Some content creators have masterminded a plan that involves inspiring followers of their Youtube channel to do the dirty work of harassing others, without literally spelling it out for them to do it.

They are likened to a pickpocket ring leader that tacitly recruits homeless children to steal.

Incitement to Harass

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that using such tacit incitement to harass or bully doesn't fall within the definition of incitement as stated in the policy against harassment.

Multitudes of complaints can and do get filed against channels that have an obvious theme of tacitly inciting harassment of others.

As long as incitement merely gets interpreted as literally telling your audience to harass someone, these harmful channels will remain in place.

In the real world, we deal harshly with conspiracy and masterminding that harms our society, but in the realm of social media outlets, to conspire or mastermind are not properly addressed.

Advertiser Friendly Content

A lot of the channels I am referencing as harmful are currently making substantial income through the adsense program.

The policy of the program requires Youtube video content to be advertiser friendly.

According to Google, advertiser friendly means content that is appropriate for all audiences.

Video content that is not considered advertiser friendly includes such things as inappropriate language, harassment, profanity and vulgar language.

Inappropriate language gets somewhat further defined as profanity and vulgar language, but harassment is not further defined, and does not read to include incitement to harass.

Stop Enabling Them

Today my thoughts seem to be that it appears like a win for the masterminds of harassment and cyber bullying.

Will this change in the future?

Will Youtube and/or advertisers one day altogether stop enabling the survival of these negative and harmful elements within the community?

A stronger more detailed policy needs to be in place that covers all angles in which promoters of harassment and bullying are presently operating from, or may well operate from in the future.

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